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We are a team of experts in the field of advertising, public relations, graphics and 3D animations comprising an international production group. We work with leading international companies and film productions all over the world. We provide comprehensive services, staring with the script, through recording, editing and finally screening on television and other mass media. Promotional films, television ads, 3D animations, reports from international fairs and other events all produced using quality equipment and long term experience of a team of experts, constituting perfect information and company image building means.

Our task is to create films and multimedia reports based on original ideas and meticulous care for the technical aspect. We combine visually attractive images with original soundtracks, exceptionally reflecting emotions. We create a message which directly reaches the audience and remains etched in their memories for good. We are a multimedia platform ready to undertake even the most challenging tasks.

Exceptional images, original and engaging creation, productions full of challenges - welcome to our world!

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We are passionate about our work. The camera will see things invisible to the naked eye. We make full use of the technological potential and experience in productions for leading companies from all over the world. Are you looking to produce an advertising campaign, spot or a company film to promote your company? Have a look at how we can help you!


A dynamic film advert, targeted at an audience produced at the highest level achieves its goal, arouses emotions, awakens needs and stimulates certain reactions. A 15 - 60 second spot film produced using state of the art technologies is an ideal promotional element.


The animations we create, both 2D and 3D are adapted to the message with specially prepared sound production, providing the right dynamics, driving emotions and creating the turn of events. Animations used both in adverts as well as company films are the best tool to increase the attractiveness of the message.


A company film is an excellent tool for image building. We present companies, institutions, organisations and their products, we support sales as well as internal and external communication. A company presentation provides essential information about an enterprise to a broad audience.


The main aim of a report is to provide an account from a company’s HQ, trade fairs, conferences, symposia as well as product presentation and all sorts of significant events from the life of a company. We produce reports from trade fairs in Dubai, Frankfurt, Bologna, Hannover and Paris to name just a few.

In a world in which the market requires modern communication with the environment that goes beyond advertising and marketing messages, we base our actions on unconventional solutions. Due to this, we are effective and easily reach selected target groups with our message.

We offer a wide range of marketing services. We support advertising activities by providing a comprehensive service from the outdoor, through creations, ending with the planning of campaign strategies. We rely on the 16-year experience of the TRISTart Agency.

We offer our advertising materials, exclusives and animations in the mainstream mass media in Poland - TVP, TVN, POLSAT. We develop advertising campaigns targeted at specific sales results while building the image of companies and their products. We have made more than 300 television productions issued in the media.

Product photography or photos from company events are today one of the most important marketing elements of any company, regardless of the industry. Using the latest digital technology achievements, we perceive the depth, improve the colours, we show the beauty that is around us.

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Our team is a synergy of talents, a combination of personalities and the essence of commitment. We have different competencies, which is the strength of our team and which enables us to provide comprehensive services, thus offering to our clients a wide range of services. There are no technological barriers that could stop us, the one limitation being the passing of time, so, do not wait to contact us!


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